Chantal is a gifted healer and teacher.

Chantal is a gifted healer. Her love and desire to heal can be felt in all of her products. She has been training in the healing arts since 1996 with highly respected teachers Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, head of the Institute of Inner Studies in the Philippines and Master Stephen Co, head of the American Institute of Asian Studies in Los Angeles.

Chantal grew up in St. Tropez – a little village on the French Riviera. She later moved to Paris, where she was a set designer for a group of fashion designers. She then traveled the world and was exposed to many different cultures.


While traveling around the world she was inspired by different cultures' uses of herbs. Her love of nature and strong desire to educate people about preserving the environment led her to create her organic aromatherapy line, Fleurs De Chantal.


She now lives in Santa Barbara, California, teaching yoga, meditation and organizing seminars.​ She has received certification in Advanced Pranic healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Feng Shui, Kriya Shakti, Arhatic Yoga, Higher Clairvoyance. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing, has given his blessing for Chantal to be a teacher and healer. Chantal offers Pranic Healing sessions by appointment.  

Chantal's Community Service:

•Feed Your Soul Organization:

•Transition House:

•Casa Esperanza:

•Old Mission of Santa Barbara:

A local Santa Barbara public charity. "Where there is true charity, God is present."

Transition House is dedicated to the solution of family homelessness in the Santa Barbara community.

The Casa Esperanza Homeless Center in Downtown Santa Barbara is focused on providing food and shelter services to persons in need.

The Old Mission Santa Barbara Choir are present for Sunday service at 9am and the Schola at 7am.

For more information, contact Chantal: (805) 886-9540 or email

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